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Career OOTD #1: Black & White

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Ever walk through the mall, enter a store you like, go to the “career” section, only to be met with work clothes that are inappropriate for the office or (even worse) clothes devoid of all personality?  Since my work takes up a good portion of my life, I’m rarely in casual clothes.  But I do get tired of the typical, boring professional uniform attire, especially in the legal field.  It always feels a little like I left a piece of my soul behind. 

That being said, allow me to introduce a little spin on the outfit of the day (OOTD)–the career OOTD or the COOTD.  I aim, from time to time, to put together stylish, yet professional attire.  Hopefully this inspires someone out there to keep their style, flaunt their flare and still make it to the top.


A classic black and white ensemble, readily convertible from “comfortable at your desk” to “courtroom” or “board meeting” ready with just a black blazer and grey pumps.

COOTD #1 collage-1

I fully realize that I’m standing in a bathroom, but I was surprised to see a full length mirror behind me and I decided that I looked cute today. 🙂

Scarf: Libby Sue Graphic Print Silk Oblong Scarf, Black & White Paisley (available at

Blouse: solid silk, cream, ruffled v-neck (available at Macy’s)

Skirt: Scroll-Print Pencil Skirt, black (available at New York and Company)

Sweater: Eva Mendes Collection – Sonia Studded Cardigan, black (available at New York and Company)

Belt: Large Buckle stretch belt, black (available at Body Central)

Shoes: Dexflex Comfort, Claire Scrunch Flat, grey (available at Payless)

A good pump doesn’t have to be expensive or make your feet want to cry after a full day’s work:

Pumps: Comfort Plus by Predictions, Women’s Karmen Pump, grey (available at Payless)

COOTD #1 collage-2

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  1. That skirt looks so adorable, I love it.
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