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Dove Amplified Leave-in Conditioner on Type 4 Hair (Review)

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I can’t say that I’m much of a product junkie–that was me circa 2013 when I started down my natural hair journey.  However, if a product looks promising, I won’t hesitate to give it a shot. Enter the Dove Amplified Leave-in Conditioner.

My tried and true process of testing any new product that isn’t specifically formulated for high manipulation styling is by inserting it into my wash and go routine.  There are five staples I need to achieve a defined, long lasting wash and go (by long-lasting, I mean a week):

  1. A really good detangling shampoo.
  2. A great conditioner. I’m talking about the kind you wash out, but with a lot of slip (since this is the point in which I usually detangle my hair).
  3. A fantastic leave-in conditioner.
  4. An oil.  Not so heavy that it weighs down my hair–but certainly not too light that it doesn’t do anything for it.
  5. Last but not least, a strong gel that doesn’t leave a crunch in order to set my curls and coils in the style that we all know as a wash and go (biggest misnomer of them all, huh?).

First things first. I received the Dove Amplified Leave-in Conditioner as part of a collaboration with Influenster and Dove, but the opinions in this review are completely my own and 100% honest.

What does Dove Amplified Leave-in Conditioner claim to do?

The conditioner is part of Dove’s Amplified Textures line for waves, curls and coils. The line was created to enhance the natural beauty of textured hair and the conditioner claims to nourish coils, curls and waves.  It is infused with jojoba oil to provide long-lasting moisture that leaves hair defined, shiny and protected from daily styling damage.  Exciting stuff, no? Let’s get into it.

What do I think of the conditioner?

I received just the standalone product. Upon opening it, I thought it was a very intricate, yet simple design–I like the swirls on the bottle as it kind of reminds you of long flowing curly locs.  

By the time I actually got to the part in my wash day routine that I would use my leave in conditioner, the first impression that struck me was–Oh. My. God. This scent is DIVINE.  I don’t even know how to classify it.  It doesn’t smell like floral notes or anything (a smell I don’t really like as I find it overbearing). It smells almost like cologne or perfume for your hair. It’s hard to describe–and I can’t touch on just one thing, per se–but you know when someone just smells good wearing the right amount of cologne? It kind of smells like that.  When I sat down next to my husband after being done with wash day, he was like “My goodness, you smell delicious!”

The most impressive part? That scent lasted for a couple days afterwards, which is pretty amazing because I workout.  And I don’t mean walking on the treadmill while I’m on my phone in designer track suit trying to look cute working out–I mean Zumba dancing, high intensity, sweat dripping into your eyes working out.  So even after AALLLLL of that, my hair still smelled great!

As far as consistency goes, it’s not super thick.  I’m okay with this because I don’t really want that in a leave-in conditioner as I don’t want my hair being weighed down by products that will stay in  for a long period of time.  But it did provide a good amount of slip. 

Full-disclosure, I don’t know how much of the slip factor is going to be impacted by the shampoo and conditioner you use because I didn’t get this as part of the line, I only received a standalone conditioner. I used the leave-in with my tried and true shampoo and conditioner which are part of Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla line and they also provide amazing slip  (I LOVE this line and can give a separate review on it if you guys would like me to–let me know in the comments!).  Whether or not my shampoo and conditioner impacted how effective the leave-in was, I don’t know.  But I will say I was able to finish my hair in the same amount of time that I normally would (less than an hour for a shower and to go through the whole wash and go routine).   That being said, it was pretty good on the slip point.


The first time I used Dove’s Amplified Leave-in Conditioner, I think I was in a rush because of work and so I forgot to add an oil the way I normally do.  I don’t know if that omission is what affected my style, but I did notice that my hair was not as defined as it normally is when I go through my routine and use my staple products.  Although, it did feel pretty moisturized.

For this reason, I normally go through two or three iterations before giving a full review of a product.  The second time I used the product, I decided the only thing I was going to change was literally just the product.  I followed my routine intentionally, including the oil this time, using all my other products the exact same way I would use them and just swapped out the Dove conditioner at the point I would use my leave in. 

It turns out that my hair  came out actually pretty defined.  So I think the first impression may have just been a function of me deviating from my original process. All in all, I’d say that my definition ended up pretty much the same as when I use my other products, with the added benefit of my hair smelling absolutely fabulous for a few days!

Dove Amplified Leave-in Conditioner on Type 4 Hair Wash and Go

That aside, I would like to try the product with the rest of its line to see how it performs with the products that it was formulated to be mixed in with. Not to say there’s anything wrong with mixing products to see how well a product performs on its own, but formulation  does affect performance. I’ve found that products  work best in my hair when I tend use one line for washing and conditioning and another line for styling (if I can’t use the full line for both or if the line doesn’t have products for all parts of the washing and styling process). But if a line has the full kit and caboodle, then I’ll use the whole thing. I’ve found products perform best when they all come from the same line, so I’d be excited to see how this leave-in works with the rest of the Amplified Textures line and its complimentary products.

That being said, I think Dove’s Amplified Leave-in Conditioner does a pretty good job as a leave in on its own, even combined with the other products that I normally use. So big ups to Dove in trying to break into the natural hair and curly hair market and providing a yet another option for us curlies–it’s exciting stuff!

I’d be interested in hearing what you think. If you’re thinking about trying this out, let me know in the comments.  If you have already tried this out, I would love to hear how you found it and what your hair felt like. And if you’ve tried out the whole line, I’d love to hear from you guys!!  If you’d also like to see me go through my wash and go routine and how I make it last all week, let me know that too!

Alright, I’ll see you guys in the next post.

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  1. Felicia says:

    Thank you so much for this review. I haven’t used Dove products in years and have never used them on my tresses. Depending on the ingredients, I may give it a try. I am disappointed however that they did not send you the shampoo nor conditioner. Why didn’t they do this? It would make sense that they send you the rest of this line so as to further promote this lineup. Goodness knows they are trying to attract our Black dollars to their coffers.

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