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How I Take Down Crochet Braids

New Growth All Angles
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Hello Naturels!

It’s been 3 weeks since I installed my very first DIY crochet braids on April 20.  Let me tell ya–it wasn’t perfect. I’m actually pretty surprised it lasted more than 2 weeks as my attempt to cornrow my hair  was certainly…amateur lol.  Since the quality of the cornrows definitely determines how long the style will last, I wasn’t expecting great results.  However, since I normally only wear crochet braids for about a month, this attempt was a solid showing!

From the image below, I probably could’ve squeezed another week out of the style if I so desired, since the great thing about curly bulk hair is its ability to cover up new growth:

remove crochet5_logo

But this is what was really going on underneath lol.

New Growth All Angles

I would love to think that all  of that was new growth, but in truth, it’s probably a combination of new growth and slippage.  Anywho, on to the take down process (because this has got to go)!

Step 1:

Follow each cornrow back and cut the bulk hair close to your head, leaving about 1/2 – 1 inch of space above your cornrow–wouldn’t want to accidentally cut off bits of hair.

This should be what you end up looking like…

chopped collage

Step 2:

Remove the remnants of the bulk hair.  It should be extremely easy to un-knot by simply tugging.  Then undo your cornrows.   Here’s what my CRAZY hair looks like afterwards (follow me as I try to pre-poo for the first time with Shea Moisture Products).


I hope that was helpful.  I’m not going to put up a video of that process as I have linked a rather well put together video of how to both install and take down crochet braids by Breanna Rutter of HowToBlackHair (link also found on my DIY Crochet braids post):

I would love to know if this is a style you’d consider doing, already do, or if you’d never do it and why. Sound off below!

Peace, Love, and Live Life Full,


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  3. andreana says:

    Hi am a very plain simple person I try them short crochet braid now I don’t like it. Can you give me something simple

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