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I’ve Been Featured on Neno Natural!

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Being featured is probably the natural hair blogger’s highest form of flattery!  So color me tickled, when Neno Natural decided to feature me.  😀

Neno Natural is no ordinary blog.  Much like The Natural Hair Blog Directory, Neno Natural is a natural hair resource.  Its Queen of Kinks, Curls, & Coils features page is a combination of features and a directory of bloggers by hair type AND location!

Check out my feature here!

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  1. Rosemarie. Brown says:

    I am a Jamaican,going natural and wearing braids love the hair you have in. Where can I get it and what length and style and colour is that.

    • Hi, I’m using Freetress Waterwave in 22 inches. I got a few packs of color 1B and a few packs of color 30 to mix. I get mine at blackhairspay.com (they offer free shipping for purchases over $35), otherwise it should be available at most hair supply stores that sell braiding hair. 🙂

      • Rosemarie. Brown says:

        Thanks for your prompt reply,really appreciate it. My hair is really kinky,do you think that the boheim is better suited for me than the water wave?

      • Probably. My hair is kinky, but my baby hairs/edges are more “silky” so I can get away with either. But I prefer the look of the bohemian bulk because it’s closer to the majority of my texture 🙂

      • Rosemarie. Brown says:

        Ok thanks,would it be the same length and color as the freetress water wave?

      • I cut mine to fit my face so yes.
        22inches bohemian may look slightly shorter than water wave if you leave the full length. Colors 1b and 30 look the same across all freetress bulk hair. Hope that helps!

  2. Rosemarie. Brown says:

    It does, thanks so much.

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