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Mother’s Day Gifts: Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Mom During Quarantine

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Mother’s Day is literally around the corner. And if you’re like me, you just realized it’s even May!

Whether you can spend time with your mother this year or have to celebrate apart due to COVID-19, I’m sharing 10 gift ideas for mom to make her Mother’s Day extra special.


If mom is the type of person to bask in a spa day, but has been stuck at home thanks to the ‘Rona, these gifts will really create that in-home spa alternative she’s secretly (or not so secretly) craving:

Plush Fluffy Slippers to kick off that in-home spa feel.

Soft Plush Bathrobe to go with those plush slippers. Unless walking around the house naked is her thing. Hey, no judgment here!

Bath and Body Lavender & Honey Gift Set – to set the mood. This gift set includes bubble bath, shower gel, body lotion, bath salts and more. With its rich lavender aroma, she’ll really think she’s at the spa.

This lavender candle will complete the relaxing spa-feel she craves.


Make mom’s life easier. If she’s been itching for an appliance, tool or hair or skin product that will simplify her daily life, even in some small way, make her day with these options:

Roomba Vacuum

I bet it’d be nice not to vacuum anymore and I certainly would welcome the break! (If the hubby’s reading this – hint, hint!)

Instant Pot

Speed up mom’s dinner routine and help her get dinner on the table quicker and with less mess. I love both my instant pot and the fact that I really only have to use one pot most of the time! Makes clean up a breeze.

Carol’s Daughter Hair Gift Set

For the natural-hair mama with little time on her hands, but who doesn’t want to sacrifice a good, healthy hair routine, getting the right hair products will really save her time so that she can get back to being the heroine that she is. I really love the Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla line of products because it instantly infuses your hair with moisture and allows detangling with little to no effort (can we say SLIP!). I’m in and out of the shower with a fresh wash and go in under an hour!


There’s never a prouder moment than becoming a new mama. So letting her announce her mom status loud, proud and unapologetically, may be just the ticket!

Mama Tees

Whether it’s professing her status as a Mama, getting matching mommy-and-me tees, noting her super hero status, or just basking in the meaning of being a mom, these tees are sure to bring a smile to her face.

Mama Jewelry

Mama necklaces are a nice touch, but I must say that my “Mama” bracelet is definitely one of my favorite pieces. That said, I LOVE the mother-daughter cut out pendant above! The fact that the baby bear is cut out of the mama circle just resonates with me because my daughter is carved out of my heart.


Echo Show

Sometimes just seeing your face and hearing your voice is all it takes to warm mom’s heart. If you’re unable to get together with your mom this mother’s day, send her the Echo Show and connect! Put on a performance to entertain her or virtually eat a meal together. With the sound and visual quality, it’ll almost be like being there in person.

I hope this list is helpful. If you have other ideas for mother’s day gifts or are just excited to share what you have planned for Mother’s Day, I’d love to hear about in the comments below!

With grace & love,


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