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Protective Style: Sensationnel Ponytail & Creme of Nature Perfect Edges Review

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One of the main problems l face as a transitioner, is adequately blending textures.  Sometimes even wearing your hair in a simple ponytail can highlight just how different both textures are.  My husband thinks that I’m wearing a hair piece when I put my hair in a ponytail or bun because it literally looks like different hair (how embarrassing!)

That’s when I decided that actually wearing a hair piece would look more natural.  Wearing a curly-textured ponytail can provide the adequate blending needed, while simultaneously providing protection for your ends (and it’s perfect for the everyday professional).

Sensationnel Instant Pony Synthetic Ponytail - HZ P006

Wearing Sensationnel Instant Pony Synthetic Ponytail – HZ P006

I purchased this ponytail for $8.99 at  It is best worn with an incredibly high bun–practically a top knot.  I tried wearing it towards to back of my crown and it didn’t look natural at all because of the location of the drawstring.  If you purchase this piece, just remember: the higher, the better.

To achieve this sleek look,  I used Creme of Nature Perfect Edges with Argan Oil.




Quick product review

I’ve never been a fan of gels and my mother gave me my first jar of this stuff.  I have to say I liked this gel so much that I went out and purchased another jar.

It’s not the strongest gel in the world–meaning it won’t hold for days on end. However, it will hold for about the average workday (approximately 8 hours).  It also provides a beautiful shine, accents your waves, and has an incredible smell.

What it lacks in hold time, it makes up for in moisture.  It’s not a heavy gel, and since it’s hold is practically gone by the end of the day, leaving your hair moisturized, you don’t feel like you have a bunch of gel in your hair.  You’re able to run your hands or a comb/brush through your hair without difficulty (due to stickiness) and without a lot of product coming off.  Plus, it’s one of the few gels I have tried that doesn’t appear white or leave a whitish residue on my hair.

The downside is it can be expensive.  If you wear a ponytail daily, you will go through this 2.25 oz jar rather quickly.  At approximately $11/jar, it can add up.  I don’t wear a ponytail that often, but I did go through a jar and a half in the cumulative 3 weeks I rocked this look.

Below are a few pictures to illustrate just how this product performed on my hair.  Since I have incredible shrinkage, I can only get my hair into a ponytail if it’s been stretched or if it’s wet.  I opted for stretched hair so that I could go to bed with dry hair.

Here’s what my hair looked like without the aid of Perfect Edges (after being stretched into a bun–oh the frizz!):



After application of Perfect edges:


Helloooo ideal texture match! I achieved the best results if I applied the gel to my hair the night before and slept in a satin scarf to “set.”  Here’s a closer look at the waves created:


By the end of the average workday (around 5 p.m.), you can start to see my curls attempting to lift:



Like I mentioned earlier, what I like about this gel is how moisturizing it is to my hair.  And since it lasts for the majority of the workday, I ain’t mad at it!  I don’t particularly need a gel at home…and if you workout, the sweat will remove practically all effects of this gel.  But hey, no residue, right?  However, if you want the everlasting hold that you need to wash out, this gel is not for you.  If you don’t like product buildup–give it a shot.

What are some of your favorite gels and edge tamers?


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