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Win At Work. Thrive in Motherhood.

As working moms – in the relentless pursuit of success – we often find ourselves grappling with an ever-growing to-do list, racing against the clock to accomplish more each day, but instead zapping our productivity. Let me know if this sounds familiar. Your toddler wakes up multiple times during the night, waking you up and […]

The number one question I get from senior associates in Big Law is this: Truth be told, the hours suck and I don’t have enough time for hobbies, life or people I care about. Is it better to quit for a job with better work-life balance when I’m so close to making partner or stick […]

I feel like in today’s day and age, working moms get a bad rap. With all the parenting guru’s out there and social media trolls, we often get the message that we’re doing it all wrong, not “stepping into our feminine,” or being selfish for not giving it all up and devoting 18+ years of […]

If you’ve never experienced the joy of little humans supervised by a grown adult who isn’t you (who aren’t chefs by trade or in a competition to become one) prepare you “breakfast in bed” on Mother’s Day, count yourself blessed. Don’t get me wrong. They are absolutely adorable and often mean well. But that day […]

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For introverts, balancing family obligations with professional networking can be challenging. Introverts have an energy conservation issue. We (yes, I am in fact an introvert) restore our energy by being by ourselves. Which is why when you’re a working mom and an introvert you may feel exhausted all the time. People at work constantly demand […]

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Hello There.

I’m Priscilla

I help working moms - especially moms in Big Law, corporate moms, and moms of color - go from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to building careers and businesses that fit their lives, so that they can win at work and thrive in motherhood.

Do you find yourself thinking: How do I be the mom I want to be and have the career I want to have? I want to do my job well and be a good mom ...  but I feel like I'm failing at both. This is unsustainable - how much longer can I keep going like this? I want to leave this job, but I've worked so hard and so long to get here ... I don't even know what else I could do?

You're not alone.

Whether you're looking to change your job or industry, land a promotion, or start a new business, or just seeking to balance your career with your role as a mom, I come alongside you with the tools and guidance to help you reach your goals.

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For the mom who wants to design a career that fits her life, so she can thrive at work and in motherhood.

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