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Things My Transitioning Hair Can Do Series #3: The Twirly Curly Fro

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Finally. A follow-up on the Things My Transitioning Hair Can Do Series!

This twist and curl easily achieves a blended look.  With this style, transitioners can wear their two-textured tresses out without a hitch,

What You’ll Need: 

1.  A leave-in conditioner.  I use Creme of Nature’s Argan Oil Perfect 7-N-1 Leave-in Treatment.

2.   Shea butter.

3.  A curling product.  I use Shea Moisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie.

4.  (Optional) An anti-humectant.  I only use this in really humid weather if I want to retain my curl definition.  I use an all natural anti-humectant by John Masters Organics Hair Pomade.  See my satin-strip braidout tutorial for more information on anti-humectants.

5.  A light oil.  I use SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Reconstructive Finishing Elixir with Argan Oil.

6.  Edge Control or Gel.  I use a combination of EcoStyler Gel with Olive Oil and “Gorilla Snot” (sounds gross, but if you have “4c edges” like I do, it slays and lays to gawds!)

8  A rat tail comb.

9.   End paper.

10. Pink/Peach Perm rods.

11.  Butterfly clips or ouchless scrunchies to hold hair out of the way.

12.  Bobby pins.


  1. Start on washed, deep conditioned, damp, detangled hair.
  2. Divide hair into 5 sections.
  3. Moisturize with a leave in of your choice.
  4. Make medium size parts within each section from the crown of your head out towards your edges.
  5. Layer in shea butter, curling product of your choice and (optional) an anti-humectant and smooth into section.  Comb through.
  6. Grab two small sections near the crown of your head to begin a 2-strand twist.
  7. Twist twice, then pick up hair to add to one of the twists. Twist once.
  8. Add hair to the other strand.  Twist once.
  9. Repeat this process while adding hair until you reach your edges.  Make sure that when you add hair to each strand, you don’t “carry” hair into the other strand.  This will prevent frizz during take down and create exceptionally defined sections.
  10. Once you reach your edges, continue a regular 2-strand twist to the ends.
  11. Use end paper and cover your ends.
  12. Roll up the twist using a pink/peach perm rod all the way to your edges and secure.
  13. Repeat the entire process around your head, making each part from the center of your head out towards your edges (facing backwards, it should look like a starburst design).  I’ve found this pattern to cover up any part lines without much fluffing once the twists are taken down.
  14. Let hair dry.
  15. Once dry, coat your hands (and lightly coat your hair) with a light oil to prevent frizz.
  16. Unroll perm rods and undo twists.  The secret to a really defined flat twist is NOT separating the hair like you usually would in a regular two-strand twist.  If you did the technique correctly, and you didn’t carry any hair over while flat twisting, you will have created already defined sections.  Little did I know that separating flat twists caused frizz!!!
  17. Shake your hair out, fluff a little or pick it out to your desire and make the style your own.

Watch the technique below:

The only real downside to this style is if you live in a highly humid climate, your relaxed ends will revert back to straight pretty quickly.  An anti-humectant may be useful to counteract this effect. 🙂

[Disclaimer: None of the brands above are sponsoring this post–all products were purchased by me.]

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I don’t really moisturize daily for this style.  I have low-porosity hair and moisture is a definition killer for me.  If you adequately deep condition, moisturize and seal your hair before you begin this style, you’ll be fine moisturizing approximately every 2 days.


This is another style I can only get away with for about 2 days in summer.  I live in a particularly humid climate, and my ends revert back to its straight state fairly quickly.


To maintain second day hair,  I loosely pineapple my hair in 4 sections.  I wrap my edges in a satin scarf and sleep with a loose satin bonnet over my hair.


Similar to the satin-strirp braidout, from day 3 through day 7, I wear my hair in a variation of textured buns and updos.  Then it’s wash day and I go through the process of deciding what style I’ll be sporting next.




I hope this was helpful and let me know if you try out this style! 🙂

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