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To Big Chop or Not to Big Chop?–That is the Question!

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Five months after I originally wrote this post and I still have not big chopped!  Not because I’m afraid of it–I’ve long since gotten over that.  But rather, I’m delaying my BC because I promised that I would finish a transitioning hair styling series, which (admittedly) is taking me a while to complete as I juggle work and life (I have about 5 videos still in the works).

The beauty about being forced to wait this long is that I’ve learned how to manage my transitioning hair a lot better–making it easier to share tidbits with those of you who want to transition long-term.  I can now breeze through detangling that line of demarcation and I’ve even managed to wear both textures out in cute styles.

However, I’d be kidding if I told you that I wasn’t feeling the BC itch.  After 19 months of transitioning, the question comes back full circle:

To Big Chop or Not to Big Chop?–That is the Question!.

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  1. 1enchantress says:

    Of course I would say CHOP:-) you truly do get to know and understand your hair and are excited about the continued growth. Added bonuses include fun styles and a plethora of products you will try, review as you happily earn the name product junkie!! Seriously, go ahead because you want to have healthy, strong, beautiful hair.

  2. Christina J says:

    I would have liked to big chop when I first started out. My hair was nothing but neck length, so I would not have cut much. but I guess I was not fully ready to cut my hair. So I just did a taper cut with about 3 inches on the top and rocked that style. Transitioned for about 6 months then cut all the permed parts off. I suppose everyone is different

    • Hi Christina! You are totally correct–everyone is different. I’ve come across people who had set goals for a minimum of a two year transition because they wanted their length to stay the same. At the same time, I’ve met women so fearless they sheared their hair off practically to a fade. I’ve noticed, though, that the longer a woman’s relaxed hair is, the more hesitant she is about BC in the beginning. I for one started out with shoulder-blade length hair when I decided to transition because the difference would’ve been jarring. I needed the time to sport some short protective styles like crochet braids to get used to the idea of shorter hair :-). But I certainly wasn’t planning on transitioning this long lol

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