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To Big Chop or Not to Big Chop?–That is the Question!

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I realize that not too long ago, I said that I was not ready to big chop (BC).  However, my transitioning hair has been irritating me to no end! That darn line of demarcation is such a hassle, I’m just about done with it. And yet,  I keep oscillating back and forth on the issue.  I think part of it has to do with the fact that I haven’t had really short hair since the last time I BCed at 10 years old lol. I remember not liking it then–psychological scarring, maybe?

I’ve actually just blatantly proclaimed to half my co-workers and my husband that “I just want to chop my hair off.”  To my surprise, most of the reactions I received were: “go for it.”  Even my husband, who was in love with my long hair, just shrugged and said “I chop my hair off all the time.”  (smh–men).

Still, even with no real opposition (but myself), I find myself freaking out at the proposition of a BC.  I have been transitioning for 13 months, so it’s not like I’ll be bald.  But still, it’ll be the shortest hair length I’ve rocked in over 18 years!!!!  (oh the stomach knots!).  It doesn’t help that my skull isn’t what I would deem “the ideal shaped head.”  It just flattens with a soft round-out in the back (like it got squashed on my way out through the birth canal) and doesn’t have that nice squaring off in the very back (you know the kind–square, with just enough of a hook, for your mother to deliver a good head thwack from the underside when you did something wrong as a child).

I should just do it–worst case scenario, if I absolutely hate it, I could just wig it out until it got to a length I liked, right? right????  Ugh!  Taking opinions below.  How freaked out were you when you BCed?

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  1. Lol I big chopped because I had no choice. It was either I relaxed my tangled mess (8 months growth & I knew nothing about Detangling) or i did the chop. I could not take it anymore. Are you there get?

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