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Welcome to the Journey

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Welcome to my blog, Girl Meets Soul, where I'm on a quest to help the high-achieving woman reconnect with who she truly is so that she can craft a purpose-aligned career and life, while feeling confident in her unique beauty, natural hair, & style!
Pull up a seat, grab some tea, and let's get to know each other!

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Welcome (again) to D’aller Naturel!  Literally translated, it means “Going Natural.”  That’s exactly what I’m doing–going natural.

After receiving several burns to the scalp and developing permanent scars, I decided that it may be time to stop relaxing my hair.  For those of you who don’t know, relaxing (like perming) is a chemical process to get naturally curly/kinky hair straight. Trust me–this decision hurt.  Literally and figuratively. Relaxing has always been the easier option, the cheaper option, and the quickest option.  But it may not have been the right option (for my head).  So…my natural hair journey begins.


I have relatively long hair as it is. Since the notion that I would have to chop of my locks utterly terrified me (I did it once and hated it), I decided that I was going to figure out hairstyles that would allow me to transition in REALLY SMALL increments.


I should say that the last time I was natural, I was pretty young and my mother did my hair.  Rediscovering how to care for and style my natural hair has proven both comically disastrous and surprisingly enlightening.  I will try to post the different hairstyles that I try during this transition period, the care methods and products that work and those that don’t.  I invite you to join me on this journey. Here’s to new adventures!

      (2 inches of natural growth blow dried straight)


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