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Wig Review: Freetress Bebe

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After purchasing the Freetress Nia Girl half wig, I decided to give a full wig a try.  I wanted to get a wig that was similar in style to the crochet style I mostly wear, so I purchased the Freetress Equal Synthetic Lace Front Bebe wig from blackhairspray.com (which, fyi, is having a Fourth of July sale right now).

DISCLAIMER: I purchased this wig myself.  Neither Freetress nor blackhairspray.com furnished this wig to me nor are they paying me for my opinion on this blog.

The wig was decently priced (approx. $28), but I must say that my first impression was disappointment.  I purchased the wig in OP430, which is the same color featured on the model.  Well, not only was the color not like the model, the wig didn’t really take the shape of the wig on the model either.

No  matter, I decided to make it work for me.  Bebe is a “lace front” wig.  And by lace front, they mean, there’s some lace.  I wasn’t really expecting the best lace front or anything, but really, there’s just enough lace once you cut it, to make your hairline seem more natural.  It has a bang, but no actual parting anywhere.  So there’s only one way to wear this wig.

Out of the box, the curls are soft–which seems to be a trait of Freetress synthetic hair–and (of course) a little too perfect.  But the style kind of calls for semi-perfect curls, which was okay with me.  I ran my fingers through the strands a couple times to create a little frizz, but other than that, I left the curl pattern untouched.  I did end up trimming the wig to fit my face since it lacked the fullness and roundness featured on the model (which gave it a rather angular look).  Also, when I cut the lace, I cut in an uneven rather than straight line in order to give the hairline a bit more of a natural look (should the wind blow the bangs up).

The wig has 3 combs (2 small combs in front and 1 large one in back) and an elastic clasp to secure the hold. My hair is pretty thick and at first I didn’t think the cap would fit.  Turns out that the wig stretches a little over time and I found myself needing the elastic clasp (which ended up breaking after 2 weeks).  I didn’t use the combs in front to secure the wig because I didn’t want to put any stress on my edges.  So I used bobby pins instead.

After I was done messing with it, I did end up liking it–particularly the color.  I had been thinking of dying my hair this color (or something similar), so it was a good way to see if the color would fit my skin tone.  Below are the results.

Freetress Bebe Collage cr

All in all, I like the wig for the style I ultimately created, but not for the way it was purportedly advertised.   But I don’t like that it doesn’t have that much volume.  I like big hair–what can I say? lol. 😀  Either way, it was a satisfactory way to protect my hair and I’m still keeping it for future wear–I’ll just have to use bobby pins in the back as well since the clasp broke.  Hope that was helpful!

Peace, Love, and Live Life Full,


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  2. narmi1 says:

    Thanks for the website. Just ordered this wig for 17.29.

  3. narmi1 says:

    thanks for the wig site. I just ordered this wig for $17.26. Can’t wait to try it.

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