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Wig Review: Freetress Nia Girl

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A while back, I needed a protective style for the work week, but I was running short on time and my hair wasn’t working with me.  For the first time in my life, I decided to purchase a wig.  I’ve never been a wig girl by any means–sure, here and there you might find me donning a blood red or platinum blonde wig for Halloween, but it certainly wasn’t a style I turned to for daily wear.

Well, after purchasing the Freetress Synthethic Fullcap Drawstring Nia Girl wig, I may just hop aboard the wig train.

DISCLAIMER: I purchased this wig myself.  Neither Freetress nor blackhairspray.com furnished this wig to me nor are they paying me for my opinion on this blog.

If you couldn’t already tell, I love purchasing hair supplies/extensions (and now wigs) from blackhairspray.com and I purchased Nia there for $18.99 in colors 1B and TP1B/30 (at $18.99 how could I not get two?? lol).  This website is not sponsoring me in anyway, but  I have to say I love shopping there because they are fast (same-day shipping, which arrives in 2 days), have a diverse supply of some of the most popular brands, shipping is free if you spend $70 (this actually just got reduced to $35–yay!)or more , but most importantly, they’re CHEAP! lol 😀

Alrighty, back to the wig.

Nia is technically a half wig, which may be worn as either 1) a full wig, 2) a half wig, or 3) a ponytail (due to the drawstring).  In addition to the drawstring, it has one large comb in front, and two smaller combs in the back for a rather secure hold.

Like any wig, it looks way too perfect coming out of the package and must be fluffed, cut, shaken, etc. before it is worn.  I did separate Nia’s curls and give her a layered cut before experimenting with styling.  If you would like me to do a video on how I created the styles below, I’d be happy to make one with the wig I haven’t taken out of the package yet–just let me know!

Below are 4 styles that I tried for for the workweek in color 1B.

Style#1: As an “almost full wig”

I didn’t particularly want to use Nia as a full wig because of the way she’s banded.  It’s not a lace front wig so should the wind (and where I live is incredibly windy) lift her up, it’ll be easy to see that I’m wearing a wig.  Not a very cute look.

Instead, I brought out about 1/4 inch of my hair from my hair line.  The rest of my hair is pinned underneath a black wig cap.  On one side of my head (reference pic below), I made a few ringlet curls with my curling iron, teased the hair for fullness, and clipped it back with a mini butterfly clip over the banded line to blend with the rest of Nia. I curled the remaining part of my hair, shifted Nia forward to about 1/8 inch from my hairline, bobby-pinned my hair to the banded line and let the hair fall forward.  That way, should the wind blow my hair up, what you see is my hairline, rather than the wig.

Niagirl_1-3 Niagirl_1-4

It wasn’t my favorite look, but it worked for a first attempt and got me through the work-day. Note: Nia is extremely light and soft.  I forgot she was on my head half the time and I didn’t have a headache by the time the work day was over.  A+. The downside to this style is curls created by curling iron don’t last all day *shrug*.

Style #2: As a half wig with flat twists parted in the middle

To achieve this look, I prepped my hair the night before.  I parted my hair from the top of my right ear to the top of my left.  The rest of my hair was pinned under my wig cap.  I parted the portion of hair that I left out down the middle and made two flat twists on each side (flat-twisted to the side and down) using Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie and some water.  I used perm rods on the ends to maintain a smooth curl.  I slept in a satin bonnet and let my flat twists dry overnight.

In the morning, I secured Nia over the wig cap, took down my flat twists, separated them a little, and pinned some strands over Nia’s banded line to blend.


I probably should’ve separated the twists more or made bigger twists, because the curly clumps were just thick enough to tell it wasn’t the same as Nia’s.  Maybe if I picked it out more….ah well.

Style #3: As a half wig, with fluffed out-pulled back twists

Again, I prepped my hair the night before.  This time I parted from just behind one ear to the other and made medium sized single twists using my Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie and perm rods.  I slept in a satin bonnet and let my twists dry overnight.

In the morning, I undid my twists, separated, fluffed, picked, and pulled the textured layers back into a high half ponytail over Nia’s banded line.  I used bobby pins to secure the hair in place.


This was actually one of my favorite looks with Nia. The texture looked so nice, I didn’t even bother laying my edges with gel.  By the end of the day, my texture looked even better:


This style was a win!

Style #4: As a half wig, with flat twists partially pulled back

You know the drill by now–prep the hair the night before.  I parted my hair to the side and created three flat twists on either side using Shea Moisture and perm rods.  Enter in satin bonnet and let the twists dry over night.

In the morning, I undid the twists, pulled the shorter side to the back and clipped with a baby butterfly clip and let the larger side of the twists fall forward as bangs.  I pulled some of my twists over the banded line, securing with bobby pins, and voila!:


Everything from the back edge of my ears forward is my hair.  This was the most seamless blend of the styles that I tried.  Go ahead, Nia girl, do your thang! Transitioning hair ain’t got nothin’ on you! lol

I suppose this only qualifies as a partial protective style–I did manipulate part of my hair, after all. Welp, check her out–Freetress Nia Girl coming at ya!

Peace, Love, and Live Life Full,


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