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10 Reasons Why Working Moms are Superheroes: A Tribute on Mother’s Day

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Welcome to my blog, The Working Mom Collective (formerly Girl Meets Soul), where I'm on a quest to help the ambitious working mom in a high-stakes career  win at work and thrive in motherhood!
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I feel like in today’s day and age, working moms get a bad rap. With all the parenting guru’s out there and social media trolls, we often get the message that we’re doing it all wrong, not “stepping into our feminine,” or being selfish for not giving it all up and devoting 18+ years of our lives to nothing other than child-rearing (my personal nightmare).

Let’s ignore the fact that in today’s economy, most households have to be a two-earner household. Or the fact that there is a rising number of single mothers who have to work to put food on the table…

… Or the fact that there is no one right way to parent, and it’s okay to have other ambitions outside of raising kids.

Seriously, this SAHM vs. Working Mom mom-on-mom crime/war has got to stop.

I get it. Everyone wants the world to validate the way in which they operate. But here’s a fun little secret no one told either side:

Every mother has value. Whether she chooses to stay home or work while raising her kids, she has value.

You, dear reader, have value.

So, today – in anticipation of Mother’s Day in a few days – I’d like to take a moment and love on all the working moms. Below are 10 reasons that showcase just how amazing working moms like you are!

  1. They can multitask like nobody’s business. Working moms are experts at juggling multiple tasks at once. From preparing breakfast while packing lunches to answering work emails while on a conference call, they are always on the go and always on top of their game.
  2. They are great problem solvers. Whether it’s a work issue or a family crisis, working moms have a knack for finding creative solutions to problems. They know how to think outside the box and come up with innovative ideas to get things done.
  3. They are amazing communicators. Working moms have excellent communication skills, which they use to manage their teams at work and their families at home. They know how to listen, how to communicate clearly and effectively, and how to build strong relationships.
  4. They are masters of time management. Working moms know how to make the most of their time, whether it’s at work or at home. They are experts at prioritizing tasks and managing their schedules to ensure that everything gets done.
  5. They are great role models. Working moms are inspiring role models for their children and their colleagues. They show their kids that it’s possible to have a successful career and a happy family life, and they show their coworkers what it means to be a dedicated and hardworking employee.
  6. They are resilient. Working moms know how to bounce back from setbacks and challenges. They are strong and determined, and they never give up in the face of adversity.
  7. They are empathetic. Working moms have a deep understanding of the challenges that other people face, whether it’s their coworkers, their clients, or their children. They know how to put themselves in other people’s shoes and offer support and encouragement.
  8. They are adaptable. Working moms know how to adapt to changing circumstances, whether it’s a new project at work or a sudden change in their family’s routine. They are flexible and resourceful, and they know how to roll with the punches.
  9. They are dedicated. Working moms are some of the most dedicated people you’ll ever meet. They are committed to their families and their careers, and they give 110% to everything they do.
  10. They are superheroes. At the end of the day, working moms are true superheroes. They balance a demanding career with the demands of motherhood, and they do it all with grace, style, and (mostly) a smile on their face. If you’d like more help with achieving this kind of balance, happy to chat with you about it here.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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