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From Mom Guilt to Mom Power: How to Overcome Negative Self-Talk

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Welcome to my blog, The Working Mom Collective (formerly Girl Meets Soul), where I'm on a quest to help the ambitious working mom in a high-stakes career  win at work and thrive in motherhood!
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Motherhood is a beautiful journey filled with immense love and joy. But let’s be honest. It also has its fair share of challenges.

As working moms, we often find ourselves grappling with the difficult decision of whether to spend more time at home with our precious little ones or continue pursuing our careers. This decision can trigger intense mom guilt and ignite a storm of negative self-talk.

But how is that really serving us?

Negative self-talk can have some pretty damaging effects. Focusing on negative thoughts may lead to anxiety and depression, decreased motivation, lower self-esteem as well as greater feelings of helplessness. But in this blog post, we’re going to empower ourselves, acknowledge the complexities of this choice, and celebrate the incredible moms that we are.

1. Recognize the Power of Choice: First and foremost, let’s embrace the power of choice. Whether you decide to stay home with your kids or continue your career, know that your decision is deeply personal and should be based on what feels right for you and your family.

Just because society may impose its standards of what it means to be a “good mom,” stand confident in knowing that your choice comes from owning your path.

2. Validate Your Feelings: It’s natural to experience conflicting emotions when deciding between work and staying home with your kids. Acknowledge and validate these feelings without judgment. Understand that it’s okay to have moments of uncertainty, and it doesn’t diminish your love for your children or your dedication to your career.

3. Challenge Societal Expectations: Society often paints a picture of an ideal mother, leaving many of us feeling inadequate or judged for our choices. It’s time to challenge those expectations. Remember that being a loving and supportive mother extends beyond the walls of our homes. As working moms, we have the power to shape our children’s lives through the values we instill and the examples we set in both our personal and professional endeavors.

4. Embrace Imperfection: Let’s be real, perfection is overrated. And that’s coming from an … err … recovering perfectionist!

Embrace the beautiful messiness of motherhood. Remember, your worth as a mom is not measured by how perfectly you juggle work, family, and everything in between. Cut yourself some slack, accept that not every day will go according to plan, and celebrate the small victories.

5. Seek Support and Share Stories: Connect with other working moms who have faced similar dilemmas. Seek out support groups, online communities, or even friends who can empathize with your journey. Share your stories, listen to theirs, and find solace in knowing that you’re not alone. Together, we can lift each other up and drown out the negative self-talk.

6. Reframe Mom Guilt to Mom Empowerment: Instead of letting mom guilt weigh you down, reframe it as mom empowerment. Recognize that by pursuing your career, you are not only fulfilling your own dreams but also becoming a role model for your children. Show them the strength, resilience, and dedication it takes to navigate work and family responsibilities, inspiring them to reach for their own aspirations.

7. Flip the Script: Challenge those negative thoughts head-on! Replace self-doubt with positive affirmations. For every negative thought that creeps in, counteract it with a positive one. Instead of saying, “I’m failing as a mom,” remind yourself, “I am doing my best, and that’s more than enough.”

8. Celebrate Your Wins, Big and Small: As working moms, we accomplish incredible feats every single day. Take a moment to celebrate your wins, no matter how small. Whether it’s acing a presentation at work or managing to make a home-cooked meal, give yourself a pat on the back. Remember, you’re pretty much a rockstar! Just without the audience. 😉

9. Set Boundaries and Say No: Learn the art of setting boundaries, mama. Say no when it aligns with your priorities and values. It’s okay to decline additional responsibilities when your plate is full. Focus on what truly matters to you and your family, and don’t feel guilty for putting yourself first.

10. Embrace the Moments: As a working mom, your time with your children may be limited, but it’s the quality that truly matters. Embrace the moments you have together—whether it’s cooking dinner, reading bedtime stories, or having weekend adventures. Be present, cherish those memories, and remember that the love and connection you share with your children is irreplaceable.

Not one of us is the same, yet as working moms, we all seem to share similar experiences with guilt and negative self-talk. Understanding that your path is uniquely yours, which is both freeing and beautiful.

Embrace the complexities, uncertainties, and challenges that come with deciding between work and staying home with your kids. Release the grip of mom guilt and negative self-talk – they only hinder your growth and happiness.

Trust in your love for your children, your abilities as a professional, and your power to create a meaningful life. If you need help to embrace your journey, find your path, celebrate your choices, and be proud of the remarkable mom that you are, book a call and we can embark on this journey together.

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